Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven or Enola Holmes? Which one do you like more?

Millie Bobby Brown has won our hearts repeatedly, with her beauty, amazing acting skills, cuteness, gorgeous smile, and whatnot. But she won my heart mostly after Stranger Things, being Eleven.

In Stranger Things, Millie plays a girl's character, Eleven, who has psychokinetic and telepathic superpowers and can exert the powers through her mind. The story was based out of Indiana and when a group of teens faces some supernatural forces and Eleven helps them out. She was made out of experiments but later she found a family.

In Enola Holmes, Millie plays Enola's character, who is Sherlock Holmes' sister. The story revolves around her life while trying to search for her mother while becoming a fine detective herself.

I loved this film and loved how Millie portrayed the character but I liked Millie as Eleven. Stranger Things season 4 is coming and Enola Holmes' season 2 is also brewing and well I can't wait for any! What about you?