Mira Rajput Celebrates Skincare Saturdays

Mira Rajput often celebrates self-care Saturdays to give away her tips for glowing skin and a healthy lifestyle. On social media, she promotes yoga, good eating habits, and a healthy lifestyle in her day-to-day posts. In one of her videos, she said that people often make mistakes but they forget to follow what they need to do to get glowing skin. 


Mira Rajput shared five tips for perfect glowing skin in a video that looks fun. She captioned a video – “Good skin asks for good habits. But they’re often not what we think they are”. Also, in a video, she opted for an Instagram filter named ‘Pillow Face’. The Instagram reel is divided into two segments. At first, what people think are the steps of glowing skin where she gave some tips and wrote - "Kuch Nahi (nothing). I drink lots of water. Hydration you know. Sugar scrub for plump lips. Haldi (turmeric) shots. Eat lots of berries. Antioxidants and Don't forget SPF!"


In the Second segment of Instagram, the reel appeared with no makeup on. In her video, she told her fans where she advised what they actually need to do for their skin to glow. She mentioned - What you really need to do for glowing skin where she gave five tips. The five tips are - "Ayurvedic Diet: Dosha specific, seasonal, avoid iced drinks & raw food, wash your face (and mask) - Underrated and over complicated. Keep it simple. And be consistent before bed. Glaze with a night cream." She also stressed the importance of SPF regularly to prevent the harmful rays of the sun. In her fifth tip, she asked all her followers to stay happy, meditate, and introspect. At last, she wrote - "Be happy. Meditate. Introspect. Course Correct. Keep it real".