The Misadventures Of Hedi and Cokeman Review: Too Loud For Your Ears And Eyes!

Hedi Bouchenafa as Hedi and Nassim Lyes as Cokeman are two dysfunctional drug addicts-cum-dealers who have been failing at everything they do, however it's all fun for them. They try to advance their 'business' with the help of some really weird relationships. This French film is set in Paris and is exactly opposite of the beauty which the city represents. Maybe the makers wished to show the dark corners of Paris. However, these corners are not very dark. In fact, the film is overly colourful and will make you want to close your eyes and sleep away.

The characters are written to be extremely hysterical just to show how drugs have affected them. Amusingly, the protagonists are aware of every issue they have, ranging from dumbness to erectile dysfunction and they laugh it off with a weird, loud and unbearably harsh laughter. However, few scenes from the film are directed and shot so beautifully that they make you wonder if they belong here.

It pushes all the 'hush hush' topics on your face and gives you a hope that finally something valuable will turn up, but the representation reduces these efforts down to minimum. A bisexual man is comfortable in his own self and careless of what the world thinks of him, but he only wears white briefs and then a large fur jacket on them in the entire film. Women are shown to be smarter and stronger, but unfortunately they use their power to lure men and extort money.

While you watch it, you expect an explanation for all the weirdness happening around, you expect the characters to learn something after all the downfalls they have faced but in an attempt to make everything humorous, the film seems to lose its purpose. If you are a fan of films that are just a baggage of gags, you may watch this one on Netflix.