MMTG - The new age of Korean variety

Interviewer and creator Lee Eun-Jae of the “MMTG” variety show, a series that was released on the YouTube platform of SBS in February 2018. The show, which contains star interviews in various areas, has a dedicated YouTube channel.

That show has had superstars like Gong-Yoo, Joongki, and TWICE. It never fails to let the stars, and the audience let loose. Jae-Jae, the MC, has been praised by many to have done her extensive research for the interviews. One of the many charms of the show is the ever-energetic MC as well as the ‘Very-Cool’ PD.

When Seventeen came on the broadcast, Hoshi was asked to perform a dance but he seemed hesitant, the PD noticed this and told him that if he felt pressured, he could refuse to do it. This shocked the remaining members as they exclaimed they hadn’t seen a variety talk show this cool!