MNet Introduces K-bands with 'Great Seoul Invasion'

MNet is coming up with yet another survival show!

MNet's new show 'Great Seoul Invasion' aims to discover bands of the MZ Gen with outstanding musical skills, so that they can represent South Korean rock music across the globe. With the aim to reach similar heights as the 'British Invasion' made by the Beatles with rock music in the 60s, the 'Great Seoul Invasion' plans to bring Korean bands to the spotlight globally.

A live stream of their auditions will be held on April 16 and 17! Post this, the bands with the highest number of likes on their video (uploaded on MNet's channel) will be invited to the show.

The winner of the show will not only receive the title of 'The Great' but also prize money, a private studio and many more benefits.

Currently, 47 bands have signed up for the auditions including ONEWE, W24, TRIBE and many more!