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Mocking someone for gaining publicity? Are you that cheap?

A fire raged among blinks in Malaysia when a Malaysian Singer- actress Janna Nick insulted Lisa of Blackpink in her new movie 'Delen'. The movie has a character named 'Lisa Blackpig' which is played by a rookie actress Annie Mosha, who describes the character as 'attention seeker'. Janna on her instagram, asked a question 'what team are you on?' while promoting her new movie. In response to that, another Malaysian actor commented as 'Lisa Black what?' to which Janna replied 'oink oink' and a laughing emoji. Malaysian blinks took this matter to twitter explaining that it is offensive to call someone a pig and is used to mock or degrade someone. They urged to de-platform all of the works Janna. Later Janna, in a press, apologized and took full responsibility for the hurting the sentiments of the fans like this. Why to even initiate the action if you know you are going to regret it later? Mocking or using someone's reference is so brutal. If you have a reputation in the society then atleast have the courtesy to act moral. Shame on your part Janna! What do you think blinks?

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