Mona Singh playing Aamir's mom in Laal Singh Chaddha, isn't that weird?

In the movie Laal Singh Chaddha, which also stars Kareena Kapoor Khan and actor Mona Singh, who is 40 years old, plays Aamir Khan's mother. Given the age gap between Mona and Aamir, however, many users were not impressed by their pairing. Now that people have criticised Mona for playing Aamir's mother in the movie, the Lagaan actor has really applauded Mona and stated that there is no set age for an actor.


Age is simply a number, in my opinion, but the audience may have felt differently because they had previously seen her beside Aamir in other roles.


In an interview Aamir commented on the same thing saying, " I want to ask you a question that as an actor, as a creative person, if I'm looking 103, which I'm supposed to, why is my age inappropriate to play the role? Just because I am 57. What is the logic? Age specefic kya hota hai actor ke liye? Actor ka toh yeh kamaal hota hai ke woh kuch bi age ka ho aur kuch bi age lage. (What is age specific for an actor? It is the beauty of the actor to look any age on the screen despite their real age)."


he added, "Kya baat kar rahe ho aap log? Yeh toh Mona Singh ka kamaal hai. Jab aap dekhoge toh aapko lagega ke badi young lag rahi hai. Phir aapko lagega ke yeh toh badi old bhi dikh rahi hai. Yeh toh uska kamaal hai. Aap uska kamaal cheen rahe hain usse. Bohot wrong kar rahe ho. Agar main Mona hota toh main bohut disturb ho jata (What are you saying? This is Mona Singh's brilliance. When you see her in the film, you will think she looks very young. You will also feel that she is looking old as well. It is her brilliance. You are snatching away her good work. This is wrong. Had I been in her shoes I would have been very disturbed),"