Money Heist, Lucifer are trending among the top 5 movie/series list on Netflix, what should you watch?

If you go to your Netflix account, you might find these names there on the trending list. But, what you should watch first? Let me tell you my picks and then you can figure out yourself. Don't forget to mention your favourite ones in the comment section.



Lucifer is trending on top 1 in India. Well, why won't it. We are talking about the drool-worthy devil here who goes up on the journey to become the God. I vote for Lucifer!



'Friends' is in number 2, but in my list, it is always number 1. Whenever I am sad or tensed or nervous or don't what to do, I watch Friends, and instantly it lifts up my mood. What about you?


Army of the Dead:

Army of the Dead released a few days ago and well who doesn't like a bit of zombie haul? Watch this if you like zombie movies. Did you watch 'A Train To Bhusan'?


Money Heist:

To be honest, I feel like Money Heist is a bit overrated, yeah go ahead judge me. Now, haters will say, Friends is overrated too but hey will you ever get those iconic six characters even after so many years? But you know what just give this recap because season 5 is coming soon.


Sardar Ka Grandson:

This is a very sweet film starring Arjun Kapoor, Neena Gupta, Rakul Preet, and many more. The plot has a very heartwarming story to watch.