Is Money Heist overrated?

There was a time when the internet was flooded with Money Heist posts, memes, thread, and what not! Every person I knew was either watching Money Heist or had finished watching. A dozen of them suggested me to watch this show. I wondered what is so special about this show. The last time I noticed this much hype for a show was Game Of Thrones. So, I decided to give in and watch it out.

The show started on a slow note but gained momentum in some time with every scene carrying a nail-biting sequence. The show made me root for the robbers who carried out the heist instead of the police. I got so much into the show that I started imagining myself in their shoes, I mean who doesn’t like to have a cool name right?

I think the hype that the series received was well deserved. Comment your thoughts about Money Heist below!