Is money so important to Jay Bhanushali that he would choose 5Lakhs over proper food?

  • Jay Bhanushali can not think it through. Bigg Boss announced that the contestants can enter Bigg Boss house only if they are ready to pay a prize of reducing 5Lakh rs from the Winning amount. Nonfamous contestants (who probably earn lesser than Jay)like Maisha Iyer, Prateek Sehejpal, and Vishal Kotian are ready to give up the money from the Prize money and walk into the house where they will get proper food and every luxury. Jay Bhanushali is ready to give up all for just 5Lakh Rs. Jay is the highest-paid contestant on the show. He earns 11Lakhs per week. While Karan Kundra earns 8Lakhs, Tejaswani Prakash earns 10Lakhs, Vishal Kotian earns 1Lakh, and so on. Is this Jay Bhanushali’s strategy or is this really him?