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Monochrome Makeup? Yes, please!

Monochrome makeup is an eye pleasing makeup technique where the colour palette for an entire makeup look – eyes, lips, and cheeks remain consistent. I find this makeup look so aesthetically pleasing and alluring. Playing with colours doesn’t mean you have to use different colours on your face to stand out and monochrome makeup proves this fact. One of the best ways to create a monochrome makeup look is to choose a single colour to focus on. Use the single colour from the same colour family to highlight at least two of your facial features like your eyes, cheeks and lips and you’ll be sure to catch everyone’s eyes. 

From a muted mauve to a cherry sorbet, 2020 has seen the monochrome makeup in various shades on models and celebrities and it’s definitely noteworthy!

This unique look takes the pressure from trying to find multiple complementing colours that go with your outfit and skin tone. It also helps to make a bold statement.

This look, as easy as it may sound is extremely hard to perfect! I think while I am home, I am going to practice this look and master it to look sleek and fashionable the next time I step out!

What about you ladies? Are you ready to embrace this trend? 


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