Monster Rookies: Treasure

Ever since the debut of Treasure the idol group has been making headlines dubbing them as Monster rookies .

Treasure is a rookie group made up of 12 boys from the survival show YG Treasure Box. They debuted on August 7, 2020 with their first album "The First Step : Chapter One" and also released a much-anticipated pre-debut single “Going crazy” making the fans or Teumes go crazy with anticipation. The debut single “Boy” also gave a fresh electro pop vibe and a well-coordinated dance choreography and garnered over 63 million views as of today. Two months later they released “I love you” a more romantic and softer, compared to “Boy”. The contrast between the two songs released within a span of two months proves YG only debuts the best of the best and Treasure is well along their way to world domination with the hallyu wave taking over. As a fourth-generation group Treasure has done immensely great in terms of digitals streams and stock pre-orders for their release have already exceeded 150,000 units. Although Treasure is a large group with 12 members all of the members have enamoured fans with their unique personalities, melodious songs and fast paced dancing.

They are also one of the fastest rising kpop group of 2020 according to Forbes Magazine and 2021 has more in store for the group as well as their fans.