"More than nepotism we have racism issues"- Nawazuddin Siddiqui said.

Discrimination on the basis of colour has been a significant issue and was present in every field from past many years. But, when it comes to entertainment industry the weightage of this issue become more interesting and the public eye.

During an interview Nawazuddin recently unfold about the biasness that he faced and how racism is still widespread in Bollywood industry. He said ," I fought against it for many years and I hope dark skinned actresses are made heroines, it's very important. I am not only talking about skin colour, there is a discrimination that exists in the industry which is much needed to be ended for the success and betterment of films to be made. I was rejected for many years only because I was short and my complexion was dark. Although I can't complain now, but, there are still so many great talents who fall prey to this kind of biasness."


What do you guys think about this issue? Do you support Nawazuddin's words?