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Most affected regions of India should go under a 6-8 week lockdown - says the ICMR Director.

Indian Council of Medical Research Director-General Dr. Balram Bhargava , suggested that most parts of India should have a complete lockdown for six to eight weeks, especially those areas with a high positivity rate.

He further mentioned that regions with more than 10% positivity rate after tested should remain shut down. The regions could resume a slow unlock when the rate drops down to 5% . As per reports , over 700 districts have a positivity rate higher than 10, that includes Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi. New Delhi being the worst hit region with positivity rate of more than 35 at start which has now fallen down to 17 due to restrictions imposed.

He then stated that lifting the restrictions will be a disaster for the national capital. This was the first time a senior official had suggested a lockdown.


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