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Most of Bollywood promoting Hello Charlie is shameless, here's why

Most of Bollywood has jumped on the bandwagon to promote yet another Star-kid's film "Hello Charlie" starring Aadar Jain. While the trailer looks okay and the concept is different, and under normal circumstances, this film would be a good OTT release to consume, the issue kicks in when no such excessive within-industry promotions are done for films that star outsiders.

All movie stars have a fanbase each of their own, and collectively their reach is extremely high. Imagine a brand signing every mainstream Bollywood actor for its endorsement. It would be the most successful brand in India, right? That's what happens with Industry insiders and nepotism products. When Shanaya Kapoor made her IG public, each and every star reposted her posts and she gained a number of followers that way. That's how her popularity increased. That's how Navya Nanda became an "influencer" on Instagram too. The same will happen with the movie "Hello Charlie".

This is extremely unfair towards people who are trying to create good content with their acting skills but aren’t garnering a lot of popularity. This reduces their offers in Bollywood and hence reduces their chances at succeeding in the industry. But do you think this is the right work culture to promote? Comment your thoughts below!


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