Movies and shows that have major fashion inspiration

There are so many movies and show out there that have major fashion inspiration. So many shows and movies are based on just fashion industry. Here is a list of movies and shows that have major fashion inspiration:

  1. Pretty Women - The 80's fashion is highlighted over here
  2. Devil wears Prada - The most obvious movie name that comes to our mind when we think about fashion and movie together right. Everything about this movie screams FASHION and STYLE
  3. Emily in Paris - One of my favorite shows personally. Emily in Paris is something I wanna re-create someday. I love each and every thing about this show.
  4. The Bold Type - Yet again another show that only talks about fashion but in a more subtle way. This show has been very popular lately and let's just say that if you ever need fashion and life advice you need to watch 'The Bold Type'
  5. Gossip Girl - Gossip Girl has a lot of drama but in between them you definitely cannot miss the style people have carried in the show. As much as the drama will keep you entertained the fashion in 'Gossip Girl' will have major fashion inspiration
  6. Dior and I - A documentary that portrays Raf Simons' journey to create his first haute couture collection at the helm of Dior.