Movies Ranbir Kapoor rejected that made Ranveer Singh a superstar!

Ranbir and Ranveer are two of the most popular faces in Bollywood. They share similar names along with similar interests. I'm not talking about Deepika Padukone here but the movies Ranbir rejected went to Ranveer Singh and made him a superstar.

1) Band Baaja Baarat - Ranveer made his debut under the Yash Raj Films banner with this movie along with Anushka Sharma. However, he wasn't the first choice for this movie. The script was first offered to Ranbir Kapoor who turned it down and was later given to Ranveer Singh.

2) Ram-Leela - Initially, Ranbir was finalized for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Ram-Leela and Ranveer was roped for Bombay Velvet. However, Anurag Kashyap replaced Ranveer with Ranbir and later Ranveer slipped into SLB's Ram-Leela. While Bombay Velvet failed to impress the audience, the other one kick-started Ranveer's career.

3) Befikre - This movie was initially offered to Ranbir Kapoor but he turned down this Yash Raj project. Later, Ranveer was chosen for this role. Though this movie didn't do that well, it showed us a new side to Ranveer's persona.

4) Gully Boy - This movie was critically and commercially successful for Ranveer Singh but it was offered to Ranbir also. However, Ranbir was offered Siddhanth Chaturvedi's role but he didn't want to play second fiddle to Ranveer. But for real, how does Ranveer and Ranbir in a movie sound to you?

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Posted by Straight Talker . 2 mins ago

Shahrukh Khan has always been one of the most humble and down to earth actors in Bollywood but after the whole Aryan Khan case it's a rare sight to see the actor and whenever we see him on the internet he is the most humble guy you can ask for. Thoughts?

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Spyder Reddy : that being said. it wasn't required. he is a perfectly genuine human being
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Posted by Straight Talker . 6 mins ago

Vidyut Jammwal meditating in snow. Thoughts?

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There, I said it : He has trained his mind just like he has trained his body. Every actor trains his body only
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Posted by Smriti Mishra . 23 mins ago

With Alia Bhatt's pregnancy announcement, the internet has been going crazy! Over the mixed reactions that one can see over the internet, it can be clearly noticed that while some are happy about the news, the others are kind of targeting Alia Bhatt for it. People are mentioning reasons like, 'Pregnant at 29', 'Too soon, 'Is she even ready for this?' and my favourite one, 'what will happen to her upcoming movies?'

Seems like more than Alia's family, the 'Audience Aunties' are more concerned about Alia's pregnancy. On one side actresses are trolled for late marriage, double marriages, late pregnancies and failed careers, on the other side there is also this audience who can literally make comments about someone's pregnancy at a pretty normal age and call it 'Too early to be a mother!!' Like seriously??

This clearly shows how misogynistic and sexist our society has become. Sexism is pretty much a fact of life for women. Sometimes it is serious and overt, for example when you are passed over for promotion or blamed for your own sexual assault, but mostly it's small cuts that happen day after day. Harassment in the street, being interrupted or ignored in conversation, facing judgement about your appearance, and so on. Outright misogyny is a different thing. As Stephanie Vardaras said, the Internet has cast a light on the misogynists and given them a voice. I don't know where or how they hid pre-Internet.

What are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comment section, please.

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Posted by Jiya . 24 mins ago
I still wonder how Raj Kumar managed to keep such a straight face. Also like at 10.30 why is she in so much denial? He was being so nice and to say was "yeah, i'm really fortunate my dad opened the door for me" thats IT
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Posted by Pinkvilla Rooms . 25 mins ago

Alia Bhatt is among the most talked about and loved actors in the industry. She never misses out on a chance to make headlines on both personal and professional fronts. Soon to be mom is going to have not only a busy time as she is pregnant but because of her lined up projects too.

Let's take a look at her upcoming movies:

Bhramastra- Alia will be seen together with Ranbir in this movie and the movie is stated to release on September 9 this year.

Jee Le Zaraa- Alia will be seen collaborating with Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra for the first time in Farhan Akhtar's Jee Le Zaraa. The shoot is delayed as of now.

Rocky Aur Rani Ki Prem Kahani- Alia Bhatt will be seen sharing the screen with Ranveer Singh, Dharmendra, Jaya Bachchan and Shabana Azmi in the lead and will be releasing on February 10 next year.

Darlings- Darlings marks Alia Bhatt's debut production and is co-produced by Shah Rukh Khan.

Heart of Stone- She has been already working on this project and will hopefully wrap up before baby's arrival.

We are looking forward to know which of her project excites you the most.

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Posted by Naina ♡ . 50 mins ago
And do you guys know who spread these rumors first that's none other than our dear pinkvilla USA! lol
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Sneha Lata : I am proud of her for speaking out
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Posted by Spyder Reddy . 1 hours ago

Have they started promotions for Shamshera?

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BollyLover : Boringgg
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Posted by Jiya . 1 hours ago
Before his debut, Ayushman was asked by a director to show his private part if he wanted the lead role. It's not just women but men as well who weren't untouched by this pervert minded people.
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BollyLover : It's good he brought it up. Many men go through inappropriate advances and casting couch too, just not the women.
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Posted by Jiya . 2 hours ago
After Aditya and Shraddha broke up, there were many articles accusing him of being a commitment phobic but wasn't it Shraddha who broke up with him due to her family issues? So why is everyone blaming him??
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Sneha Lata : because of ashiqui 2
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Posted by Jiya . 2 hours ago
Well this is an unusual pairing but might as well just wait and see. Also why is Akshay every where now?? The next two years is literally filled with his movies.
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