Movies To Watch With Your Valentine

It’s Valentine and love is in the air! Going out during the pandemic isn’t an option so you might as well snuggle up with your bae, enjoy pizza and wine over a mushy movie! We have the perfect collection of movies that will overload you with romance and excitement.

1) To All The Boys - Always And Forever - The third and final instalment to the widely-loved series ‘To All The Boys’ is here. Preparing for college applications, they have no clue where they will end up and if they’ll end up together or apart.

2) Love Per Square Foot - The two lead characters get to know each other as they work in the same building. Soon, they make a plan to combine their finances to buy a house together since they can’t individually afford it. Their love story starts backwards as with love emerging at the end.

3) Holidate: As people enter their late 20s, it can be daunting to see their friends dating or getting married if they’re single, especially at family events. Two strangers with the same woes on being single during the holidays decide to be each other’s platonic plus-ones to all family events all year long. Crazy? We know! Watch to see how the unconventional arrangement unfolds

4) The Perfect Date: Featuring heartthrob Noah Centineo, this movie will remind you of young love. The plot follows a high school boy who starts a service of going on fake dates with people to fund his college education. He keeps his focus on the money but when he starts catching feelings for a girl, his plan goes for a toss.