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Movies where Katrina Kaif was literally just a showpiece!

1) Dhoom 3: She was in this movie for a few songs and a max of 5 mins worth of acting. In fact, even Ayan Mukherjee was surprised when he was asked how was Kat's acting in the movie, his reply being, "she was in the movie?"

2) Bang Bang: Now here her element was not of a showpiece but was definitely not of an actor as well! If we join the dots here and there it shouldn't be any more than 30 mins in all! excluding the songs. Sad right?

3) Zero: Kat was disappointed to have a screen time of just 25 mins in the movie, she in fact agreed that on the show called - BFF with vogue!

4) De dana dan: This was another Priyadarshan classic movie with a huge star cast and lots of twists and turn, it was pretty easy for Kat to be lost in the hood!

Can you think of any more such movies?


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