Movie/Series Recommendation for your weekend binge on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Zee5

The weekend is almost here, and here's a list of recommendations for you to enjoy. From thrillers to zombies to psychothrillers to emotional animated drama, you got it all covered.

Dial 100

Starring Manoj Bajpayee, Neena Gupta, Dial 100 will be streaming on Zee5 from August 6. Neena is playing a dark character, and Manoj will be seen in a cop's role trying to save his family.

Cruel Summers Season 1

Cruel Summers will be streaming on Amazon Prime. It's a total psychothriller series that will boggle your mind when one girl goes missing while another takes her place.


Navarasa is an anthology film combining nine stories depicting nine emotions directed by some of the best Tamil directors, and the whole project is produced and presented by Mani Ratnam. Be ready to witness this on Netflix.


Vivo is an animated musical film about Vivo, a kinkajou (honey bear) who takes up an adventure for his master to deliver a song to the love of his life. Watch this on Netflix and have a content heart.

Soldiers of Zombies

After Army of Dead, where we have seen so many zombies together on Netflix, it's time for Amazon Prime to upgrade the zombie game. They bring the 'Soldiers of Zombies' series with 8 episodes, that will be streaming from August 6.