'Mr. Queen' to end this week.

tvN ends 'Mr. Queen' is headed into his final two episodes this week and fans or completely shattered to say goodbye to this masterpiece.

'Mr. Queen' gained popularity for its humor and acting also the chemistry between the two main leads. The drama mixed comedy with politics and romance with soul switching. Although we are sad to see this series ending, we can’t wait to see how the writer will wrap all the loose strings of the plot, for example how Bong Hwan will return to his body in the 21st-century? what will happen to Kim So Young and The King? We know that history is set in stone, so will the king still die young? All these questions are still left unanswered, and that’s with only two episodes to go, It makes us a little worried. We’ll just have to patiently wait and see how the Queen will solve all these problems.

Did you enjoy watching Mr. Queen?