Must-Watch Chris Hemsworth Movies Apart From The Spectacular Thor Series!

1) In the Heart of the Sea-

The movie really did a great job echoing the magic of the themes for the various stories, and it truly delivered a great, compelling message; why we should respect the nature of the ocean life.

2) Snow White and the Huntsman-

It was a visually stunning movie with a great cast along with being very atmospheric, it's an awesome twist on a well loved fairy tale.

3) 12 Strong-

An incredible true story of bravery & resourcefulness under impossible circumstances. I thought the story was extremely moving and had an incredible cast.

4) The Cabin in the Woods-

The film plays wonderfully upon the ancient concept of using doorways to transport creatures between worlds and has a rich, highly magical atmosphere. This movie is indeed a masterpiece.

5) Extraction-

Rock solid writing, great performances, stellar action sequences. This film represents a different approach to the classic story of rivalling criminals and the people caught in the middle.