Must-Watch Films Starring Morgan Freeman!

1) Oblivion-

Oblivion feels like a personal, soothing action adventure where the director tries to put you into the protagonist's shoes, and succeeds in doing so. The visual effects, action sequences and locations are the three best things about this film.

2) The Magic of Belle Isle-

The magic of the movie speaks to me in so many ways. One way in particular is the lesson on imagination, the most powerful tool known to mankind. The ending is just incredible.

3) Now You See Me-

The movie is just pure brilliance. The plot, the characters, the illusions, the execution, everything is spot on. It's the perfect mix of mystery and comedy.

4) Million Dollar Baby-

Eastwood's magic, probably one of his best films and one of the most touching movies and a powerful masterpiece of the sports genre. It is an excellent tale of determination that is inspiring, yet very sad.

5) Invictus-

This movie provides a beautiful insight into the life and the inspirational leadership of Nelson Mandela. It is a movie full of emotions, inspiration and compassion.This is definitely a must watch.