My 3 favourite Pixar short movies that you can watch anytime on YouTube

Pixar has given us and wonderful movies be it short or full-length. Here are my 3 favourite short movies that Pixar has gifted us. You can stream it anytime on YouTube.


Piper is a story about a beautiful bird and her journey. It runs for 6 mins and whenever I watch it, it gives me an immense amount of joy.


How wonderful it would be if your cute little dumpling springs up with life? Bao is a story of motherhood that runs for 8 minutes. This short film is very close to my heart.

Jack-Jack Attack

When baby Jack-Jack shows his superpowers to his babysitter Kari things look a bit different for him. This story film is sweet but full of surprises. It runs for 5 mins.

What are your favourites?