My Celebrity Crush: Hugh Jackman!

Since I saw him on Wolverine I immediately fell in love with his character and how he can look so handsome , it's not fair at all! His acting skills and the way he had that serious wolverine look on his face was feisty for me. He is one of the greatest actor we have in Hollywood! Apart from his looks and body(which you can't stop looking at) he is a kind-hearted and a very generous person. I was very sad when he announced that he wont be doing the wolverine character anymore, I couldn't see him dying like that on-screen.

After his last wolverine film we got to see him in the movie The Greatest Showman and man let me tell you he was just awesome, I dont think anyone could be as amazing as him!

Hugh Jackman I love you and you have always been my celebrity crush and hope you and your family a good life and I wish to meet you someday!

PS: If Pinkvilla could help me post my love letter to Hugh Jackman I would be forever grateful!!