My experience With Dot & Key Green Clay Mask and Plum Green Clay Mask. Amazing for oily skin

Clays have become increasingly popular as a face pack, face mask, or body wrap. Clays are absorbent and have stimulating, rejuvenating, and revitalising properties. I personally had a great experience using the green tea clay mask and my favourites are Plum Green Tea Mask and Dot and Key Green Clay Mask. To know which one is better read further. 

  • Dot and Key Green Clay Mask 


-The texture is pleasant, creamy, and thick. 

-Excellent for tightening and minimising pores. 

-Ideal for oily or acne-prone skin. 

-It is detoxifying and deeply cleansing. 

-It is a face mask that is not comedogenic. 

-It revitalises, smoothes, and illuminates the skin. 

-Dark spots are gradually removed. 

-It is cruelty-free and free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, and phthalates.


-Dry skin types should avoid this product.

-It's a little pricey, but one product should last at least 3-4 months. As a result, it is priceless. Because it comes in a glass bottle, it must be handled with care while travelling.

-It comes with a small spatula that isn't very useful in the application process. 

  • Plum Green Clay Mask



-There is no residue left behind. With regular use, it clears and brightens the skin and provides mild exfoliation -Reduces the formation of new breakouts and pimples in oily, combination, and acne-prone skin. 


-Strong glass packaging

-Contains perfume

-Provides a burning sensation

-Sensitive skin may be irritated.