"My Name" fame actress Han So-hee's mother accused of fraud - Here's her agency's response

Recently, actress Han So-hee's mother came under fire after she was accused of fraud worth tens of millions of Won. Previously, the name of the actress was not revealed, however, now it has been revealed that it is "My Name" fame actress' mother against whom the lawsuit has been filed. It is reported that she borrowed 85 million Won from an acquaintance, promising she will pay a huge amount of interest which she never paid.

Han So-hee has been open about her mother's indebtedness, during an interview in 2020, she had revealed that "I learned about my mother's indebtedness after I turned 20 and I have been repaying her debt before my debut." It has also been revealed that both the parties had not signed any written contract, Han So-hee's mother has promised to return all the money to the acquaintance without filing any bankruptcy.

Han So-hee has also responded to the reports through her agency where it was confirmed that the bank account through which her mother borrowed the money was made when she was a minor without her knowledge. Moreover, Han So-hee has no plans to repay her mother's debt to protect herself and others from any further inconvenience.

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