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My skincare best friends

There are certain ingredients/ products by which I absolutely swear, here are a few-

1) Sunscreen- which skincare routine is complete without a sunscreen? For the longest time I ignored this but once I realised how important it is I never skipped it. This is one step which one must miss.

2) BHA- BHA or salicylic acid is extremely beneficial for oily acne prone skin. It helped me alot in tackling acne and reducing sebum production plus it exfoliates the skin.This is a magical ingredient for oily skin.

3) Vitamin c- this has all the wonderful properties of brightening, boosting collagen and protecting from free radicals. I layer this below my sunscreen and this is one of the best combinations ever.

4) Niacinamide- another great ingredient for my oily skin. It also reduces sebum production, tightens pores and deals pigmentation. I like to layer this with salicylic acid as I saw that they work great together.

5) Moisturiser- I am guilty of skipping moisturizer thinking I don't need it as I am oily skin, this is one of the biggest myths. Every skintype neend to use moisturiser twice a day. If u don't use it, ur skin will produce more oil to compensate the hydration.. more sebum means more chances of breakouts.

6) Double cleansing- this a Kbeauty step and I found this very beneficial. My skin feels very fresh and clean ever since I started using this. I use a micellar water to remove my sunscreen and then follow it up with a regular cleanser.

7) Tranexamic acid- It's not very long since I discovered this ingredient but this one is a bomb! It is the best I used for pigmentation. I would highly suggest trying this out if u are suffering from pigmentation issues.


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