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My Skincare Journey

Hey Beauties, Today i thought I’ll share my skincare journey with you guys and ofcourse the products that worked for me. Well, this was one really long journey which started in my teens and to be honest with you is still going on. It is indeed a never ending journey. But last year when the lockdown happened i really started to focus on the ingredients that i put on my skin rather than the brands or products and guess what i started seeing results in 3 months. and i also got introduced to 2 brands that simply changed my life. before i share the product list, please rememeber - you will have to be regular, always do a patch test, be patient and you wont see results over night. starting with my daily skincare routine: morning Routine: neutrogena face wash juicy chemistry rose water minimalist vitamin c serum ponda hydro gel moisturiser neutrogena sunscreen night skincare routine neutrogena face wash juicy chemistry rose water eclat niacinamide serum kama ayurveda kumkumadi tailum ponds hydro moisturiser weekly routine minimalist AHA BHA exfoliate diy face mask - honey, besan and haldi That’s all Folks, and my skin was clear in 3 months.


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