.My Top 5 Favourite K-Pop YouTubers

From reactions to dance covers, they have got every fandom’s back. If you are a K-Pop fan these YouTube channels are just for you! 1. Steven Deng-If you want a good laugh his channel will surely cheer you up. From animations to dance covers to his concert experience. He has got everything covered. One of my favorite videos is ‘Things only K-Pop fans say’. Check out his channel for some binge-worthy and light-hearted content. 2. Cameron Phillip-A multi-stan and best known for his If BTS was dubbed series, Cameron not only makes you laugh but he produces music as well. Recently BTS reacted to his Black Swan remix and the group’s maknae Jungkook even recognized him. Now you can’t miss out on this one. 3. Edward Avila-If you are into K-Pop and makeup this channel is just the right place for you. His K-Pop idol makeup tutorials are amazing. Also, he has some of the best reaction videos as well. 4. Ysabelle-With a sweet voice and even sweeter personality she not only covers K-Pop songs but also translates them into English so that the message is conveyed worldwide. Check out her amazing covers and you will be left in awe. 5. xCeleste-ARMY’s if you are confused about the whole alternate BTS universe. This channel is a one-stop solution for you. She narrates theories in the easiest yet detailed ways and has some of the cutest reaction videos as well.