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Mystic naturals product reviews

AHA 10% from @mysticnatural 

Ihave completely stopped physical exfoliation for more than 2 years. I always rely on chemical exfoliantion. 

AHA is one of my favourite as they\"re humectant and exfoliant.

️A while ago I started using @mysticntaural AHA 10%, one of the safest AHA I used in a while.

️I have always experienced slight tingling when I use AHA even when I use lowest percentage.

️However mysticntaural AHA 10% doesn\"t cause any discomfort or tingle.

️The consistency is water which get absorb within seconds.

️The base is aloevera juice followed by 5 AHA extract.

️I like how it doesn\"t irritate or gave any discomfort. It helped in exfoliating comedones and surface level pigment.

️They do have 5% AHA ideal for begginers.



 Onion seed oil-


 ️Onion oil is known for its anti inflammatory and anti fungal properties.

 ️ Sulphur content is rich onion, perhaps the reason for plenty onion oil in the market.

️ Sulphur is one of the main ingredient for luscious healthy hair.


My kids has a history of alopecia though they were treated by dermat long ago, I occasionally see flaky scalp every now and then. I fix there diet and give them camppi with blend of oils.

Since I had this handy I spot treated them and in one wash it was all gone.

️ Though it will be too early to comment on hair growth but seen a significant reduction in flaky scalp and dandruff.

️The oil is pale yellow with pungent smell, the fragrance doesn't bother me till the time it does the job efficiently.


Do check them, link is mentioned below.


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