Nam Joo-hyuk's Agency Denies Allegations Of School Bullying Made By Second Accuser

Another set of school bullying allegations have been made against actor Nam Joo-hyuk.

Last week, a person claimed to have been bullied by Nam Joo-hyuk during their school days in an exclusive report by a news outlet and Nam Joo-hyuk's agency, Management SOOP, firmly denied the allegations and took legal action.

On June 28, however, a different news outlet published an interview with an another individual who attended high school together with Nam Joo-hyuk and also claimed to have been a victim of school bullying.

Accusing Nam Joo-hyuck, the new victim stated that they had decided to come forward after seeing the actor's agency suing their classmate and denying their claims.

The new accuser alleged that not only did the actor bullying them into running errands, he also frequently forced them to turn on their smartphone data hotspot and constantly took their smartphone in order to buy paid games and in-game items, which he never repaid. "During school, Nam Joo Hyuk had my smartphone more often than I did," said the accuser.

The new accuser also claimed that if they turned down Nam Joo-hyuk's requests, the actor and his friends would form a circle around them and then force them to physically fight someone of their choosing.

However, Management SOOP officially denied the new allegations against the actor stating, "We have checked, and they are groundless."