The name change scenario and update behind the BTS drama ‘YOUTH’

BTS’ drama YOUTH which was temporarily halted, resumed shooting again but with a twist. The drama which is a narrative of the seven school boys from the BTS’ BU universe originally had names of the members. But last year some fans did not hesitate to reach out to Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’ agency to express their concern and request name change of the characters in the drama. Though BU Universe is not connected to the personal lives of the members in any way, it has dark and mysterious plots due to which it would affect the members if the real names were used and also, it might create a negative perception among the people for the band, thought the fans. As this drama will be viewed by viewers who may or may not follow the BTS fandom. On April 7th, it was announced that the production house and BTS’ agency had decided that the drama won’t feature the real names but will have the fictional names for the seven members’ characters of BTS. The scenes which were shot till now will be refilmed again with the new names. The release date of the drama is yet to be confirmed but is expected to be out till the end of 2021. Write your thoughts on the decision taken.