National Award On Sushant Singh Rajput's Name But What About Irrfan Khan?

Apparently if you have not heard of it, the Indian Government is planning to instate an award in the late Sushant Singh Rajput’s name. According to some reports a proposal has been put forth to inscribe Sushant’s name permanently into the National awards, as a tribute to the late actor. Now make no mistake about it, late SSR was a great loss to the film fraternity and it is very unfortunate to have lost such a talent. But when we talk of idols and role models, how can we forget the name of Late Shri Irrfan Khan Saheb?

Just because late SSR died a tragic death and the national media ran a massive campaign on it close to 6 months while some still continue to do so and the entire matter was heavily politicised to the extent that political campaigns were being made on the name of SSR while Irrfan Saheb died in a hospital due to cancer doesn't mean that one can simply ignore the immense contribution that the later made towards not only the Indian Cinema but the entire world cinema at large.

So here is the question again, Why not Late Irrfan Khan Saheb? Maybe because you won't get votes out of his name! What are your views on this? Note it down in the comment section below.