National Lipstick Day - Reinventing Lipstick In The Era Of Masks

Remember the Monday mornings, when you used to get up early, dressed up, put on your makeup, and go to the office? It feels like a chapter from a history book. Doesn’t it? The covid 19 pandemic has changed our lives that we never imagined and our relationship with makeup has no exception. The sale of lipstick sale was declined in the year 2020, as people skipped to apply lipstick under a mask. We might use a lip gloss or a lip balm but have said goodbye to pink and red lipsticks. 


Here are few ways your lipsticks can be used:


• Eye makeup products do better than lipsticks, and this is where our lipsticks can be used. Lipsticks can be used as eyeshadows if you have the right brush to apply them. They are smudge-free and dry out very quickly. If you are trying out a smokey eye look then use creme lipsticks.


• You can also use lipstick as a cheek tint for a natural blush.


• Another way the orange and red lipsticks can be used is as a color corrector and can help in covering acne, dark circles, scars, and uneven skin tone. Then layer it with a medium to full coverage foundation or concealer.


• If you feel very sad about your mellow brown lipsticks, then these lipsticks are useful when it comes to highlighting or contouring, provided they are easy to blend. You should not use liquid lipsticks as they are difficult to blend.