Nauen officially leaves Apink ahead of the group's 11th Anniversary

Naeun has officially left 'Apink' ahead of their 11th Anniversary. Insiders have revealed that it was because she couldn't handle multiple schedules at the same time. As Nauen has signed under YG Entertainment as an actress, it was difficult for her to maintain the 'idol' part of her life.

In Apink's latest comeback 'Dilemma', Naeun was involved in the album-making process but not in promotions because of overlapping schedules.

Reports stated that both IST Entertainment and YG Entertainment had come to this agreement in person after taking the 6 members' and staff's opinions. Fans somehow saw it coming, but are sad that there'll be only 5 members after the upcoming 11th anniversary. However, IST Entertainment has asked fans to support the members who continue to promote in various industry fields.

Nayeon has shared her feelings in a handwritten letter "It's my family who've been together for a long time, so it was a difficult decision taken after a lot of consideration and it wasn't an easy decision. But now, I am going to be another 'Panda' (Apink fandom name) who supports Apink."

What do you think about Naeun's decision? Will you miss OT6 Apink?