NCT's Subunit WayV Set To Make A Comeback Soon

WayV is finally making a comeback!

On June 29, five WayV members announced via live that they would be making a comeback soon. 'WayV is coming,' Xiaojun, the group's main vocalist, revealed.

This would be their first comeback since 'Kick Back,' which released in March last year. Thanking their fans for waiting so long, WayV's Ten said, "I want to thank all of you for being together with us until now. We are preparing for many stages in the future too so please look forward to it and WayV will show you various appearances so hwaiting!"

With Ten back from China after 9 months, it appears the group will be making a comeback later this year. However, no statement has been made regarding Lucas' and Winwin's participation in the upcoming comeback.

Meanwhile, WayV were a part of the collaboration between NCT and Sanrio.