Nepotisim made Mrunal Thakur cry?

Earlier I was reading an article where Mrunal Thakur had mentioned that during her initial days, she used to cry a lot after coming back home. She didn't mention any specif reason behind her tears but assuming that nepotisim had to play a part in it right. Many new comers who's family is not part of Bollywood had to face nepotisim.


Thakur also mentioned that it was her parents who stood with her and told her to not give up. They said "Mrunal, think about 10 years down the line. People would look at you and get so inspired, that if that girl could make it, main bhi kar sakti hoon yaar".


It's our parents that always support us and stand with through think and thin. Today Mrunal has achieved fame and success but there's a lot more to achieve in the future for the talented actress.