Nepotism: Is it Real or Not?

Last year was harsh on Bollywood as a whole industry. However, it was tougher for star kids as they came under fire for being products of Nepotism. This in turn raised the question about whether Nepotism was real or not. While many star kids like Suhana Khan, the daughter of Shah Rukh Khan stated that being a star kid came with many prices to pay, other star kids enjoy the limelight and do not necessarily have any complaints. That said, even being in the limelight does not come without a price. Where they have the comfort of having contacts, they also have the risk of failing to meet expectations of the industry persons, and audience. If their parents are defining figures in the industry, then they also are vulnerable to being shunned for not being as good as them. So, can we say that while being a star kid is a gamble as it can either work out completely or can fail miserably as people often forget that they are their own person and not their parents? What are your thoughts? Comment below.