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Is Netflix attracting controversy with its upcoming show 'Searching For Sheela' featuring Ma Anand Sheela?

Ma Anand Sheela had worked as a spokesperson for Osho Movement founded by Rajneesh (Osho), an Indian mystic and guru. Sheela was born as Sheela Ambalal Patel and later started following Osho to experience spirituality. As Netflix plans to release a show featuring her on 22nd April 2021, chances are that this may lead to some controversy. It is believed that Sheela was the one to convince Osho to leave India and establish an ashram in USA. She handled international business for him. She claimed that it was Osho, who directed her towards crime. Reports suggest that as their relationship turned sour, Osho accused her of various crimes like wiretapping, mass poisoning and attempted murder. Later US authorities found a lab at her house which produced bacteria that had poisoned people earlier. This was supposedly done by her to influence the Wasco County Court's elections in her favour. She has been denying majority of such claims and has only admitted to few of them. She doesn't agree with the news pieces written against her. In this trailer of Netflix's show named as 'Searching For Sheela', we can see her explaining her side of the story. While some still worship her, some don't seem to agree with her views. What are your thoughts on this trailer?

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