Netflix criticized for not putting proper trigger warnings for "All of us are Dead"

In Netflix's new series 'All Of Us Are Dead', students try to survive a zombie apocalypse at their high school. But in addition to the zombie genre, there are bullying and sexual assault scenes too. In Episode One, a group of bullies harasses a male and female student. They strip off the female student's upper part of the uniform. Then the girl is shown to be crying and covering her breasts, and the other male student is forced to take a video of her.

Apparently, Netflix didn't show any trigger warnings for these sexual assault scenes. The maturity ratings for the 1st episode are language, violence, gore, and smoking, which doesn't indicate the scenes of sexual assault. Many thought it can be troubling as there might be some K-Drama fans who are not familiar with 'made-for-Netflix K-Dramas.' The ones that broadcast on TV are very censored and have strict broadcasting rules. What do you think?