Netflix drops a dramatic teaser of 'Money Heist: Korea' - Is this adaptation even needed?

As previously announced, Netflix is currently producing a Korean adaptation of the globally hit Spanish series "La Casa de Papel" which is named "Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area." The series stars Yoo Ji-tae and 'Squid Game' fame Park Hae-soo among others.

It tells the story of a genius strategist and his team of top-class thieves who attempts an unprecedented heist in the Korean Peninsula, it portrays their challenges as they while the crew takes a hostage. Netflix recently released an official trailer that illustrates the Professor (Yoo Ji-tae) who stands in front of a wall filled with masks, which also features the iconic Salvador Dali mask, contemplating. The teaser needs with revealing his final choices to the viewers.

The name of the drama is also increasing the anticipation which kind of hints towards the backdrop of the drama, "Joint Economic Era." I personally am a bit sceptical since I don't find a need for this adaptation, especially when original Korean works are already receiving worldwide recognition. It feels like Netflix is simply over capitalizing on the success of Korean dramas. In no way, am I disregarding the fact that it looks promising, but is it even needed? What are your thoughts?