Netflix officially announces 'Squid Game' second season and confirms Lee Jung-jae's return

After many speculations, Netflix has finally officially announced the second season of the blockbuster South Korean thriller series "Squid Game." In a recent interview director, Hwang Dong-hyuk had mentioned that he is in talks for the second and third seasons of the show. Well, Netflix's co-chief executive officer has announced that season 2 is happening soon, he also said, "The 'Squid Game' universe has just begun" indicating the possibility of more seasons. He also mentioned that Lee Jung-jae will also be returning for the second season.

'Squid Game' had previously mentioned that the story of the second season will mainly reveal around Gi-hun who will unravel the mysteries of the organization and chase after the people who are responsible. When the first season was released there were no sudden plans for more seasons but due to the phenomenon it has become worldwide, Netflix and the director decided to launch more seasons.

I think this could be a drawback as well, 'Squid Game' caught so many eyes because of its uniqueness and Gore. The way childhood games were turned into this bloody competition for money, gained everyone's attention. I feel that it will be hard to create the same magic, second season is not necessarily needed, however, I am not disregarding the possibility that it could be another huge hit.

Are you looking forward to the second season?