Netflix Recommendation: Murder by the Coast Review; A Spanish Documentary

Tània Balló's directorial flick 'Murder by the coast' is a Spanish documentary movie about a teen girl Rocío Wanninkhof's murder back in 1999. The docu-movie streams for 1 hour and 28 minutes and is currently running on Netflix. This documentary will leave you spellbound.

Netflix has been exploring docu-series with nerve-chilling stories from the world and this story belongs to Rocío Wanninkhof's murder history. A lot of controversies wrap this girl's murder story.

The documentary starts with Rocío's murder case but swiftly shifts to another murder story of a 17-year-old girl (Sonia Carabantes) and the whole scenario changed. For Rocío's murder, her mother's ex-partner Dolores Vázquez has been suspected, is she the reason behind her death?

Rocío's story goes like this: she went missing one evening suddenly while returning back from her boyfriend's house to her own. She was coming back to her house to get ready for visiting a fair later that night with her friends and boyfriend. But things went southwards and she vanished into thin air. Later she was found naked and murdered. As the forensics said she was stabbed nine times and was physically harassed as well. Now, the question is who did it? Rocío's home and her boyfriend's house is 500 metres apart. So, what could have happened in this shor distance?

When Dolores Vázquez was convicted, there was no enough proof to tie up the case with her except the hunches that the police had and Rocío's mother had. When actually the shreds of evidence are tallied, it is known that Dolores Vázquez is not the culprit as the DNA doesn't match the one that was found on Rocío's body. Don't worry I am not going to give away any spoilers and won't even say who is the murderer because you need to watch this true-crime documentary movie to know all of these.

The director stitched the two stories very smoothly and presented this crime thriller to us. It is a Spanish language film with English subtitles and when I am saying I felt the chilling sensation down my spine, I mean it. If you love watching documentaries then this is your pick, go for it.