Netflix’s LUPIN and Farah Khan’s Happy New Year have THIS thing in common:

SPOILER ALERT! The French mystery thriller series, Lupin premiered on Netflix in January 2021. I watched its first episode, and I was like – “Wait a minute…”

What happened was, after watching a few scenes in the episode, I realized that I might have seen this somewhere. At first, I expected to recollect some classic movie or a book, which might have a similar storyline, to my utter shock the movie was Farah Khan’s Happy New Year! Let that not discourage you from binge-watching Lupin as, the similarities fade away as soon as one realizes, and you won’t find any in the further episodes.

What are these similarities, you ask? Well, the Lupin’s protagonist- Assane Diop has a familiar backstory to Charlie (SRK) from Happy New Year. Assane’s Father works for a wealthy family and wishes a better future for his little son. Unfortunately, he is trapped and blamed for stealing a diamond necklace from the family’s safe. He is made to sign an agreement, which acts as a confession. Later, he commits suicide in the prison cell as he is unable to prove his innocence. A few years later, a grown-up Assane plans to steal the necklace again as a revenge and to prove his father’s innocence.

Doesn’t this remind you of Happy New Year? Charlie’s father was conned into stealing the diamonds and the rest is 3 hours of dance show.