Netflix's Alma Matters is here to depict the inside details of the IIT Dream! Watch the trailer

Come on, we've all been there - in those classes in which you're asked to study 18 hours a day so that you write the JEE Exam well and secure a seat in one of the IITs. But Netflix is here to shatter those ideas - that system. It's going to give us an inside into the lives of students at IIT Kharagpur ans the struggles they go through every single day, how their struggle is invalidated because they are "lucky enough to be studying in an IIT", how many of their friends and peers submit to the immense academic pressure and commit suicide, and how there's very little hope for many. T

he trailer itself is quite moving and deep. You can feel this one's going to be different. This one's going to shake you up as a parent, a student or even as a fellow citizen. Through the depiction of IIT Students, Netflix seems to aim to shake up the entirety of the Indian education system. Respect for this one, Netflix.