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Netflix's Below Zero Review: Below Zero is Below 3.5 on a Scale of 5.

Currently, the film Below Zero is at the 2nd position on Netflix India, but it doesn't create the desired effect. It revolves around the story of 6 prisoners' transfer to another prison and the hurdles occurring in the police's way. You start watching it with a lot of expectations as you are given little to no information about what you are entering into. It starts grey and goes on becoming darker. You expect to get answers to the questions but some expected twists are thrown at you.

Each character is given a weird unique behavior, so that you keep guessing about the culprit but when the truth disclosed, you wonder if all this was necessary? However, the film contains a few moments which are beautifully structured and those are the few moments which make you want to see the film.

The 'Why' is answered in the extreme end. The answer is related to a very serious and delicate topic. That's the moment you realize that they had such a powerful background to their actions, and yet the film falls flat.

It seems that the makers tried to focus on the 'How' than the 'Why'. So if you just segregate the film into smaller portions, you might actually enjoy it.


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