Never Have I Ever Season 2 Review: Fresh, Funny Teenage Drama

Mindy Kaling's 'Never Have I Ever' returns ack with a 2nd season with more Devi (played by Maitrayee Ramakrishnan) problems and more intense stuff. Season 2 is double the fun, double the twists.

So, the first episode begins with where it left off. Devi kissing Ben and Paxton, leaving a voicemail, saying he's in the neighbourhood. So, right now, she's in a pickle. Who would she choose? Ben or Paxton?

The series introduces a new Indian Muslim girl, Anessa, who is a lot cooler and prettier than Devi is, as per Devi. Well, the story follows through different twists and turns, dealing with Devi's anger issues and depression over her dad's death, betrayal, cheating, and a lot of family drama. But finally, she becomes more mature at the end of the series and tries to discover what's best for her.

The series shows mental depression, love triangles, friendships, along with how one can get bullied and can have consequences for that. This show is more like Mindy Kaling's life story, but the actors did their part and really made it interesting.

But, being an Indian, I can attest to the fact that Indians don't really wear so much heavy jewellery and Benarasi saree all the time! Whatever, so who do you think Devi will choose at the end of the series? Will there be any cliffhanger?