A new teaser of 'Our Blues' featuring Kim Woo-bin and Han Ji-min is out!

Kim Woo-bin's comeback drama 'Our Blues' starring him and Han Ji-min is out. The drama which revolves around eight different stories will also feature the heart-warming love story of these two characters, a diver and her boat's captain. Han Ji-min will be portraying the role of a woman who has quit her life on the mainland in order to become a Jeju island. She ends up meeting a guy, played by Kim Woo-bin, they both develop a friendly relationship, however, the captain ends up falling in love with the woman.

Han Ji-min's character is shown as someone who has hidden some secret inside her, the previous teaser starring Shin Min-ah also have the same vibe which adds to the genre of this omnibus style drama which is a new endeavour for K-dramas. The drama also marks the return of Kim Woo-bin after the hiatus of five years due to health reasons.

Are you excited to watch this drama?