NEW UPDATES : Pushpa The Rule – Part 2

Pushpa: The Rise had left a huge impact on the Indian audience. People who didn't know Allu Arjun existed have now become huge fans of his work. In the box office the movie broke all the records. As soon as the movie was declared successful, the sequel to the same was announced. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Pushpa The Rule - Part 2. The audience was just not impressed with the acting and movie script but also the dialogues of the movie. In an interview with the dialogues writer, Srikanth Vissa had unfolded some new updates on the second part of the same.

He said, "It was quite unexpected that the dialogue will have such massive reach. Most of the dialogues from the film got that kind of reach. We are going notch up with Pushpa 2 and bringing such more dialogues." Apart from the dialogue writer, the filmmaker,  Sukumar, Vissa said, "Dialogues are something that is always a work in progress. With Sukumar Garu, it is never the final version. We keep working on it till the shoot is over. Even in dubbing, we try to improvise the dialogues so that is a continuous process. The script keeps evolving till the release date. I cannot say how much time because writing dialogues takes time as much as it takes time to finish the film. It's a process, the story keeps evolving and Sukumar Garu is never satisfied with what's given. He will try working on it all the time as he keeps trying many versions of one scene."